Lembongan Island S08°40.5' E115°26.4' Reef Report
Health of the Lacerations Reef, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

Dec 2nd - Dec 13th, 1999

This reef was also studied in March 1998.

Reef Type:

Fringing reef

Water Temperature:


Coral diseases:

None noted

Crown of Thorns:

None noted

Other observations:

We returned to the same site as we had studied almost two years ago in order to repeat the transects. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the pins for the transects that we had left behind in 1998. However, we did find the Porites heads that we had cored. The coring holes were evident, but the coral had healed around the edges. The holes from the stand of the drill had also healed.

Lembongan corals were generally quite healthy. There was high sedimentation, mainly due to the strong surge. Underneath the sediment, however, the corals were still alive and healthy. There was quite a bit of rubble and broken corals, probably also for the same reason. The main problems affecting the corals were black encrusting sponges, snails, and crabs. There was quite good diversity in coral species, and also a fair amount of coral competition. However, there were almost no commercial fish species, sea urchins nor edible sea cucumbers.

Lembongan was a very difficult site to study. It was located quite close to breaking waves, where there were several surf spots. The water often felt quite cold, and the surge and current were strong.

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