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Common Name
Species ID Certainty
Number Sighted
Photo Available?
Wagina Island 21-Feb-06 Unidentified Sea Turtle Uncertain Nikumaroro Village, Choiseul Province 1   Dead turtle, washed up on beach. Only pieces of turtle left. Could not tell if the turtle had been cut up for food or if it had washed onshore and was decomposing.
Wagina Island 20-Feb-06 Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill Uncertain Kerekikapa Islands, Arnavon Islands 1   Sighted at the bottom of the reef wall, swimming about a metre above sand andn bommies, slowly ascending until out of sight.
Wagina Island 19-Feb-06 Chelonia mydas Green Fairly certain Kerehikapa Island, Arnavon Islands 1   Resting in a large colony of coral, then slowly moved away.
Wagina Island 19-Feb-06 Unidentified Sea Turtle Uncertain Kerehikapa Island, Arnavon Islands 1   Small amount of algae / barnacle overgrowth on part of carapace visible. Slowly moved away.
Wagina Island 17-Feb-06 Unidentified Sea Turtle Uncertain Silapaslope Island (off Wagina Island)     Three very isolated nests in soft sand on uninhabited island. Reefs just off the coast. Scattered eggs, appeared fresh. Predation of one of the three nests, most likely by the large iguanas seen close by. No development, just yolk.
Wagina Island 16-Feb-06 Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill Certain Kerehikapa Island (off Wagina Island) 1   Sighted from small boat for 5 seconds.
Ranongga Island 11-Feb-06 Unidentified Sea Turtle Uncertain Woi Island (off Ranongga Island) 1   No reaction to diver at first, then slowly swam away.
Ranongga Island 11-Feb-06 Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill Certain Woi Island (off Ranongga Island) 1   Observed for about 2 minutes at 7 metres depth.
Ranongga Island 20-Jan-06 Chelonia mydas Green Fairly certain Simbo Island 1   Seen coming up for air while on boat at anchorage off Simbo Island.
Ghizo 15-Jan-06 Chelonia mydas Green Certain Kennedy Island 1   Dive was on the outside reef. There was little or no current. Turtle slowly moved away.
Ghizo 07-Jan-06 Chelonia mydas Green Certain Mbambanga Island 1   Green Turtle being kept alive, on its back for custom food. Struggling on land.
Ghizo 07-Jan-06 Unidentified Sea Turtle Uncertain Kennedy Island 1   Swimming and breathing, moved away fast from divers.
Ghizo 04-Jan-06 Chelonia mydas Green Certain Mbambanga Island 3 Yes Three turtles, alive, laid on their backs on island to be part of celebration feast in a few days.
Ghizo 01-Jan-06 Chelonia mydas Green Certain Kerukeru Island 1    
Russell Islands 17-Dec-05 Unidentified Sea Turtle Uncertain Karumolum Island, Russell Islands 1   Either Green or Hawksbill, sighted from surface.
Russell Islands 15-Dec-05 Chelonia mydas Green Certain Rokova Bay, Russell Islands 1   Right forelimb was 75% missing. Dent in the right side of the carapace.

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