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Vision Statement

 To stop the destruction of the world's coral reefs by 2020 and
restore their beauty, health and abundance within this century.

It is Spring 2012.  The Coral Reef Satellite Mission (CRSM) was launched in 2010 and is  circling our planet, transmitting real-time data about the state of the world's coral reefs back to Earth daily. The "eye in the sky" is performing beautifully, exactly as MIT's Center for Space Research designed.  The Science Operations Center at Scripps Institution of Oceanography has just completed the first global baseline map of coral reefs. People around the world are logging on to, downloading data and images for free, discovering the hidden world of coral reefs and witnessing the changes in their health and vitality.  Response has been overwhelming and is building, with several million visits to the web site every day!

PCRF's research vessel is currently in South East Asia, sending and receiving streaming video via satellite to classrooms and exhibition spaces worldwide, showing close-up images of what the satellite cameras are detecting in coral reefs from space. Already well established in US schools, our coral reef learning programs are now offered internationally and include a live-link between classrooms and PCRF's ship.

The Global Coral Reef Map is revealing new reef habitats in the remote Central Pacific basin that correlate with fish and marine mammal breeding grounds.  We have also discovered that corals occupy a far smaller proportion of reefs than science predicted, but their primary productivity is far greater than previously estimated.  This critical information has convinced the United Nations to establish the International Coral Reef Treaty and create a global network of marine reserves to protect ocean resources.

A new awareness is emerging - of Earth as an Ocean Planet.  Citizens around the world now clearly understand the link between coral health, planetary health and their own health. This, in turn, is leading to an unprecedented worldwide effort to save coral reefs, oceans and the natural environment. 

People everywhere are taking matters into their own hands, working to reverse coral reef degradation and decline.  Public policy - locally, regionally, nationally and globally - now routinely incorporates coral reef stewardship and ocean conservation at a level surpassing even that of the rainforest.  In support of this, we have launched our Coral Reef Restoration Program, and it is gaining momentum worldwide.

Our campaign to Save Coral Reefs is now making a difference on a planetary scale.  Our vision - to stop the destruction of the world's coral reefs by 2020 and restore their beauty, health and abundance within this century - is not only being realized, but is leading to the beginnings of an intelligent world community: NGO;s, governments and ordinary people all working together for the future of Planet Earth.



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